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Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign AlignersHere at Orris Dental we are proud to help our patients recreate their smile, no matter the amount of damage, decay, or misalignment that has taken place. We understand just how important a beautiful smile is to every single one of our patients, and that is why we work with only the most advanced treatment options, including those that will assist those that have moderate to severe malocclusion. As your Framingham dentist, Dr. Maddahi can work with patients that will make great candidates for Invisalign aligners, one of the most effective treatments to realign smiles.

Malocclusion can happen for any number of reasons, and those that have immediate family members with misaligned teeth will be at the highest risk for being diagnosed with this condition themselves. Misaligned teeth and gaps can happen because of extra teeth, overcrowding, periodontal disease, and disease or damage on the gums. For each of these patients, there will be two primary options including Invisalign aligners and traditional metal braces.

Metal braces are often one of the top choices, but they do come with some drawbacks that our patients wish to avoid. This includes the need to avoid certain foods as well as the ability to affectively clean one’s teeth while at home. Those that have braces will often need a brightening treatment immediately after these appliances are taken off.

With the advanced Invisalign aligners offered here at Orris Dental, a straight smile is now more convenient than ever. We begin this process with a thorough oral examination before taking precise measurements of the teeth and gums. We then send these specifications off to have the trays made custom for every single patient. As the months go on, the patient will be able to watch their smile transform before their eyes with nearly invisible trays that can be taken out at any time. Individuals will continue to be able to enjoy the foods that they love and carry out all the most basic oral hygiene habits.

If you are ready to recreate your smile, contact our office to see if may be right for you.

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