Insurance Information

Dental Insurance Explained

We work with most dental insurances, and will submit dental claims to your insurance company at the time of service. We are knowledgeable about most of the dental insurance plans offered in our area. Please do not hesitate to call our office at Framingham Office Phone Number (508) 270-6770 or email us if you have further questions or want to discuss your specific insurance situation.

Dental Insurance Benefits

Dental benefits are not designed to be full payment for dental procedures, as medical insurances do. Dental benefits are a contract between your employer and your insurance company, therefore offering benefits is based on the cost of the policy to your employer. Since this contract does not include you or your personal dentist in the defining of you benefits, it many times does not cover the entire fee associated with you procedures.

A dental procedure, even a rather large one, will not usually have such a financial impact on someone, as would most major medical procedures. Therefore, dental insurance was originally established and is still considered a benefit or assistance toward dental costs.

Please bring your insurance information and a form of ID card with you to the consultation so that we can expedite reimbursement.

No Insurance? Join Our Membership Club!

Are you a patient of our practice without dental insurance? Then join our Dental Membership Club and make low monthly payments for your preventive care while saving money today! You can also find FAQs, set up an account, and select an affordable Dental Package. Call us with any questions: Framingham Office Phone Number (508) 270-6770.